NAGA artwork based on the drawing, skate bordering, hip-hop, bike, and USA culture.

NAGA started his Ukiyoe style art painting from 25 age. In that time, he worked his friend’s Sen-tou (Public bathhouse) in Tokyo.
His friend ordered Ukiyoe style advertisement for his brand-new project, but NAGA didn’t know well Ukiyoe so he started to learn Japanese Ukiyoe.
Finally, he found out the key point of artwork that is Ukiyoe same with Manga drawing style because NAGA was student at Manga school in his teenage.

‘Ukiyoe is Japanese street lifestyle media when Edo era, people hide the message inside it because government checked everything in Edo era, I have interest in that street style, so I hide a few street points inside my artwork.’
Gradually he fixed up his own mixture style between Ukiyoe and his Street styles.

‘I pursuer an own rule for my artwork that If the Edo era continues in the present age.’
Building unchanged but people wear western brand and pray skate, bike and music.
That viewpoint is one of the factors of his artwork interesting.

NAGA’s artwork almost printed on the Washi (Japanese traditional paper) and he dreams making by Hanga in future same with traditional Ukiyoe printing way.
Hanga is engraving wood for printmaking. That tradiotional graving artisan is very few in Japan anymore, but he pursues a real present Ukiyoe for his own artwork.

Ukiyoe used to draw people’s lifestyle in Edo era, NAGA draw our life through his present Ukiyoe.


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