NAGA×Tsugiki  ふ~でぃきゃっつ 
NAGA×Tsugiki  ふ~でぃきゃっつ 
NAGA×Tsugiki  ふ~でぃきゃっつ 

NAGA×Tsugiki ふ~でぃきゃっつ 

通常価格 ¥3,300
単価  あたり 
税込 配送料は購入手続き時に計算されます。

※Tsugiki限定 コラボTシャツ

[ふ~でぃきゃっつ NAGA×Tsugiki ]

[Hoody Cat's NAGA x Tsugiki ]
To commemorate the event with NAGA, who sends out works that mix Ukiyo and street culture, a special T design, newly drawn, is released.
The theme of this year's event is a slightly evil-looking foodie cat, featuring a cat.
The collaboration logo is printed on the back hem in a luminescent print that glows in the dark.

S  着丈65/肩幅41/身幅48/袖丈21(cm)
M 着丈68/肩幅43/身幅50/袖丈21(cm)
L 着丈71/肩幅44/身幅53/袖丈22(cm)
XL 着丈75/肩幅47/身幅47/袖丈23(cm)

S Length 65 / Shoulder width 41 / Body width 48 / Sleeve length 21 cm
M Length 68 / Shoulder width 43 / Body width 50 / Sleeve length 21 cm
L Length 71 / Shoulder width 44 / Body width 53 / Sleeve length 22 cm
XL Length 75 / Shoulder width 47 / Body width 47 / Sleeve length 23 (cm)