富山出身のAllfor1, Inc.代表が立ち上げた【伝統工芸×アウトドア】を目指した美しいアウトドアブランドです。機能を追求したアウトドアブランドとは一線を画した審美性を追求し、伝統工芸の日本に根付いた技を、インドア、アウトドアで表現することで、より故郷の魅力を多くの方に知ってもらえればと考えています。



artisan933 | アウトドア×伝統工芸 | 高岡

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It is a beautiful outdoor brand aiming at [traditional crafts x outdoor] launched by the representative of Allfor1, Inc. from Toyama. By pursuing an aesthetic that is distinctly different from outdoor brands that pursue functionality, and by expressing the Japanese-rooted skills of traditional crafts, both indoor and outdoor, we hope to make more people aware of the charms of our hometown.

From 2019, artisan933 has established a base and company in Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture, our hometown from the brand. Involved in the local development business, we not only develop outdoor products, but also plan, develop, and operate campgrounds.


We can ship to oversea.

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